• Costa "Smeralda"

    Vessel interior installation on newly built or renovated ships is the main area of our business. We have abundant experience of

    many projects and have earned customer confidence and good feedback. The high quality of the works is ensured by the

    extensive experience of our skilled managers.

    Travel by ferry or plane

    Travel by bus or company's vehicle

  • Flooring solutions

    We always provide our employees with accommodation, with 1-2 people per room. Depending on the situation,

    sometimes 3 people may have to live in one room but we aim to constantly improve the living conditions.

    Accommodation arranged by the company free of charge if not indicated otherwise

    Wi-Fi internet 24/7

  • Insulation services

    When concluding work contracts, we always define the working time norms and salary. We undertake to pay the salary for the

    services rendered by the employee under the terms and procedure specified in the Contract. The employees are insured with

    state social insurance.

    Social security and insurance

    Contract with company

  • HR management

    For our employees, we always provide work clothing and tools.

    We supply our employees with work tools

    We supply our employees with work clothing

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